Monday, July 20, 2015

The Red Hummingbird, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

The Red Hummingbird bar exudes a vibe that it has past its prime.  With nothing but a bird cage and a picture of a red hummingbird to signify that there's a bar upstairs, my first impression of the Red H'bird is that it's a shabby city brothel.  There is no shortage of boutique and funky watering holes around town (e.g., Bar Ampere, Goldilocks Bar, Toff in Town and Amarok to name a few) and the Red H'bird doesn't impress.

While I didn't arrange this post-work drinkies, I understood that a responsible person had called a few days ahead to advise that a large group was coming. Despite the forewarning, the staff there seemed a bit lackadaisical in ensuring that there was enough seating, outdoor heating and staff on the rooftop bar. Ergo, it was uncomfortable and a perfunctory G&T was all I could muster before I left.

Verdict: we wouldn't return

With so many places in town to get nicely sozzled I'm not sure what the appeal of coming to this bar is.

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