Friday, July 3, 2015

Lucky Penny, South Yarra (by invitation) by Obelix

I'm a Viking cuisine virgin.  My limited experience of Nordic food predominantly centred around Ikea's Swedish meatballs.  So I was intrigued when the Lucky Penny invited us to try their Winter dinner menu aptly named "Hunter's Kitchen" which was based in Nordic cuisine.

We kicked the evening off with the spirit of Yule tide, lovely jars of mulled wine infused with spices and citrus.

Our entrees were light Scandinavian affairs featuring thinly sliced rare wagyu, cauliflower, muster and freeze dried horseradish.  This was my pick of the entrees.  The wagyu delicate and tender.

The second entree to share was the cured salmon, celeriac puree, cornichons, dill, celery leaves, salmon roe and on the ubiquitous rye.

Whilst it was a cosy candlelight ambiance, I was relieved that the lights were cranked up for the mains for the purposes of taking a good food pic. Here we have our side dish which was roast beetroot, rhubarb and buffalo mozzarella.  The rhubarb on its own was a tad over sweetened for me but the mozzarella under cut the sweetness very well.

As the saying goes, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans'...when in Norway, do as the Vikings??  We tucked into what I would presume to be synonymous with Viking fare....big chunks of slow cooked venison.  Done with venison sausage, confit red cabbage and spiced pear chutney.  This hearty pan fed MC and I.

MC and I were given to share a sweet to end the evening.  Our's was the blueberry and elderflower crumble with vanilla ice cream.  A real dessert for a winter's night.  It was quite a nutty crumble for the squirrels amongt us.

Verdict:  We liked it.

The Lucky Penny's Winter Menu has a creative take by featuring Nordic cuisine.  For something a little bit different, worth a look-in.

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