Monday, July 6, 2015

Hellenic Flavours Masterclass (by invitation), by Obelix

We were very excited to be invited by Metricon to a masterclass featuring Chef Travis McAuley of Hellenic Republic.  The event was in the veritable design space that is Studio M which is a space filled with design inspirations.  Travis cooked up a storm in the very stylish Smeg kitchen.  I have a severe case of  kitchen envy.

To ease us into the theme of Hellenic cuisine, Greek canapes were passed around...

...succulent prawns, and octopus skewers...

 ...wee little bite sized spanakopitas...

Then the serious fun began... Travis and his fellow first mate, Jay, demonstrated three popular dishes served at the Hellenic Republic.

The entree was a Kefalograviera saganaki with peppered figs.   It was a lovely combination of sweet and savoury.  The best thing is...I think I can actually make this at home!

Mains was a Cypriot grain salad served with seared tuna.  So delicious and so healthy.  I'm very much looking forward to recreating this at home.

Individual portions of the Cypriot grain salad with seared tuna

But my absolute favourite for the night was the haloumi loukoumathes with spiced sugar.  These were the most divine doughnuts I have ever tasted.  It had more heft than a regular doughnut but it was still light at the same time. My only worry if I was to make this at home, is that I would eat the whole batch myself.

Individual portion of haloumi loukoumathes

It was an eye opening and entertaining evening.  I left feeling very inspired to knock up a few Hellenic flavours of my own.  

Metricon has events fun filled informative events running throughout the year.  Events range from interior design inspo to food and lifestyle inspo.  So it's worthwhile keeping your peepers open for details on their website.  

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