Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Niko Niko, Chadstone by Obelix

Niko Niko was a tip off from a friend of mine who reckons it's a good place for cheap eats.  The Bureaucrat and I checked it out one Friday night.  The place was busy with young families and local Tafe students. 

Despite the name Niko Niko sounding more Japanese, the menu is Chinese.  The menu was split between stand alone rice and noodle dishes as well as dishes which one shares around the table.  The Bureaucrat and I decided on stand alone individual dishes and forego the sharing. 

I ordered the Yang Chow fried rice ($9).  I wasn't sure what I was expecting but what was served was a heaping place of fried rice with a few prawns and spring onions throughout.  It does not sound enticing and truth be told, it didn't look very appetising either.  But surprisingly, it was very tasty.  It had a lovely "wok hai" throughout.  It was the perfect comfort food on a wintery cold night. 

The Bureaucrat ordered a stir fried beef with egg gravy with rice ($9.50).  She advised it could have done with more egg gravy but like I, she was quite impressed with the flavours.  Once again, not a pretty dish but it was satisfying. 

I had major food envy as I watched the girl on the next table tuck into her stir fried beef noodles with soy sauce.  I made a commitment to come back for it.  And I did.  Here is the evidence. The beef was tender which was a relief.  I was a bit worried it would be chewy.  Not bad for lunch under a tenner. 

Another Niko Niko encounter was on an uninspired work night.  It was very good value for around $10 give or take a dollar or so for each rice or noodle.  Kiddo had the seafood combination with rice noodles.  It was generously sized and there was enough for a leftover snack the next day.  

The proprietress recommended the Cantonese beef with rice.  This was under a tenner and apparently one of their signature dishes.  The beef was tender with a lovely black pepperyness.  I can understand the appeal.

This was the miss of the bunch.  It was twice cooked rice with chicken and Chinese sausage.  It was a bit bland despite tub of soy sauce to pour on top.  I couldn't discern any real difference with the rice being twice cooked.  Maybe I'm a philistine.  Also the chicken was hacked into knobbly bits which I find disconcerting.  I like to recognise what part of the chook I am partaking in.

But my absolute favourite was the slow cooked pork belly with preserved vegetables.  Doesn't sound appealing but it but melts in your mouth.  It was simultaneously sweet and salty.  Love.

Verdict: We loved it. 

Overall:  I anticipate I will be a repeat offender at Niko Niko.  Cheap eats, good quality of food and quick service. 

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Laura said...

Oooh yeah that does look good! The seafood dish especially. I'll have to stop and try it next time :D

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

The Cantonese beef is 👌🏼 as well!

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