Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chicken Central, Ashburton by Obelix

We hitted up Chicken Central one weeknight when neither of us had time to cook.  What P brought back was one hellava big chook, it fed the three of us for two nights. 

I have to admit, the chickens at  Chicken Central were mighty tasty.  They were seasoned very well and I wonder whether they had perhaps been brined for the flavours seem to penetrate deep into the meat.  The skin was crispy and it wasn't the fatty soggy mess of a roast chook one would normally get at Woolies. 

Having been impressed with the chook and salads, the chips were a bit meh in comparison. 

For the green stuff, we ordered the quinoa, beet and pumpkin salad.  It had bits of walnuts throughout.  

We also ordered a chickpea and rocket salad.  As salads went, it was a nice change from the Greek salad/coleslaw selection one would normally see at some charcoal chicken places. 

Verdict:  We liked it. 

Chicken Central does a stellar chook and salad however the chips were not as impressive. 

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