Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Go Burgers, South Wharf by Bureaucrat

On a tour of discount shopping at DFO in South Wharf, I was limited to the eateries inside its food court.  Go Burgers was what I picked, and when my order was ready, I wished I had picked something else.

This here is the classic beef burger.  For less than $10 this was good value... and that's the only good think I've got to say about it.  The beef patty was a tad gristly and while there was plenty of salad, it was definitely not fresh.  I could practically imagine the staff just grabbing a handful of wilted mixed salad leaves from a big pack of pre-packaged salad that you buy in the shops. The bun was dry and was definitely a few days old too.

Verdict: we wouldn't return

It's not Go Burgers; rather it should be Go Get Something Else To Eat.

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