Sunday, November 19, 2017

ShanDong MaMa, Melbourne CBD by Rockstar

I love dumplings. I like cheap and cheerful dumplings. I like more refined dumplings. I just like dumplings - Chinese dumplings, Polish ones, Lebanese ones… I'm not picky! 

When a fellow dumpling lover from interstate comes to visit, I felt it was time to visit ShanDong MaMa!

ShanDong MaMa, Melbourne CBD, mackerel dumplings
Ms Dumpling and I arrived just before 6pm; just before it got busy. And busy it did get, quickly.  We chose some of their specialities. The fish dumplings (mackerel) boiled were a bit different - a soft tasty fishy mousse inside soft thin skinned dumplings. I quite enjoyed them but think they would have been better fried to create some textural contrast.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East by Obelix

I've always had a chuckle with the name of All People Chinese Restaurant.  It sounds simultaneously all-inclusive and propaganda-ish.  Would a patron there be swallowed up in a group hug or asked to recite from Mao's Little Red Book? 

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East, Chinese greens with tofu and mushroom
Chinese greens with tofu and mushroom

P has been to dine in at All People a few times with his friends and recommended we order take away from there one night when we were both too disorganised to cook anything. 

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East, seafood omelette
P had been previously impressed with their seafood omelette.  He thought it was substantial (large serves entice him) as well as abundant with seafood.  He was a bit disappointed this time around.  It was still substantial but P complained it was a touch watery - perhaps to do with less filling so it was more eggy? 

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East, crispy fried chicken
I was very happy with my choice of crispy fried chicken (rather unceremoniously decanted on plate but I was too hungry to rearrange!).  Crispy and consisted of a half a chook, this was a good choice to please most. 

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East, fried calamari
Speaking of all things fried and crispy, their calamari were also equally well executed.  There was a decent kick of fresh chili without being over powering. 

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East, chicken fried rice
Kiddo was straining at the reins to have at the chicken fried rice.  Also an all-round pleaser, perfect for kids.  As was the spring rolls. 

With all the deep fried dishes, we felt compelled to at least throw in a veg.  This was our token veg dish - Chinese greens with tofu and mushroom (see first pic).  Probably claggier with corn starch than I would have preferred but that is typical of suburban Chinese restaurants. 

P also ordered a small wee serve of roast pork from the roast-meat-chop-chop section but we don't have pictures of that because he ate it all whilst waiting for the other items (insert eye roll). 

All People Chinese Restaurant, Burwood East, spring rolls
Spring rolls

The above plus a large serve of rice amounted to approx $90. 


We really liked it
We really liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


All People Chinese Restaurant is a good solid contender for Chinese food in the suburbs.

Find it at

All People Chinese Restaurant
12/2 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East, Victoria 3151
Phone: 9889 8198

All People Chinese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Grand Richmond’s Italian Yum Cha, Richmond by Ruby Grapefruit

The Italian yum cha lunch event was created by the Grand Richmond for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and has been such a success that it is now held on the first weekend of every month. We were very intrigued by the concept and were pleased to discover that we would be having a range of Italian sharing plates. If you’re worried that it will be some sort of weird fusion cuisine, don’t be. 

The Grand Richmond, Italian Yum Cha, Richmond, squid ink risotto
Squid ink risotto

In fact the dishes are classic Italian with some modern flourishes. Some of the items are available on their regular menu, although these are in smaller servings, so you get to taste a larger range of dishes. These events are held in the dining room so expect to have the full luxe experience of fine tableware and linen.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Miznon Melbourne, Melbourne CBD by Rockstar

I'd read the raving reviews and seen the social media hype, but wasn't quite sure what to expect from Miznon Melbourne when I convinced the Cultured Couple to have lunch with me there before we headed to the National Gallery of Victoria. I knew that this was the sixth Miznon worldwide after the original one in Tel Aviv. I knew that here in Melbourne they've partnered with a local middle eastern restaurant to make their pita bread that's the star of their street food; a great example of a multi faith collaboration. 

Miznon Melbourne, Melbourne, calamari pita, ocean trout pita
Calamari pita and ocean trout pita

It's a funky two storey place in busy Hardware Lane - unlike others in the street there's no spruiking for business. I entered and knew I'd arrived as all I could smell was their famed cauliflower - not great considering half of the Cultured Couple and I aren't cauliflower fans - a rarity in this world I think! I quickly forgot the smell in amidst the slightly chaotic but fabulously fun energy. The staff are just fantastic and we were offered free strawberry drink and samples of the fillings that were currently cooking. Sitting downstairs with a view of the kitchen and the staff is like the prime seat at the theatre!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Girl and the Goat, Surrey Hills by Obelix

I love a place with a whimsical story attached.  The story behind The Girl And The Goat is that a young girl found a stray goat and adopted it leading to many-a-goats in the family in the years to come.  The Girl And The Goat features Caribbean fare in the unlikely place of Union Road, Surrey Hills.  It was once the Watt's Cooking cafe and I was delighted when it opened as it made for a diverse change from the usual cafe dominant scene in this neck of the woods.

The Girl and the Goat, Surrey Hills, West Indian goat curry
West Indian goat curry... maybe with some goat head?

I was excited to see West Indian Goat Curry on the menu because when in Rome, or rather when in the Caribbean, one must goat.  I recall reading an amusing anecdote by David Goodman, author of Compost Everything - The Extreme Guide To Composting who wrote of driving to Amish country to procure a goat head with the sole purpose of cooking up a pot of curry goat.  After being shown how to bludgeon the goat head by a forthright Jamaican mama, he chickened out of the prep process and ended up composting the goat head instead.  Despite the lack of curry goat, David gained a beautiful productive garden.  Okay, that was a long aside.  But it explained my excitement at meeting my plate of food.  Will it be a plate of broken skull pieces floating in curry?  Or will be it a comforting plate of slow cooked meat?  

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Huxtaburger, Collingwood by Rockstar

I like a good burger. There's something satisfying about a soft bun, a good bite, some crunch, and just enough sauce. I've been a fan of Huxtaburger since they opened; to me it's how a burger should be. That includes a good balance of fat to add taste and moisture.

I found myself free and easy, with no commitments, and an all day car park on Smith Street. I like meat. But… I love fried chicken. Crunchy coating and tender tasty chicken.

Huxtaburger, Collingwood, Britney burger
So when I saw the Britney, I couldn't resist… southern fried chicken, avocado, bacon, aioli, cheese, lettuce and tomato... yeahhhhhh!!! It's a perfect partnership like 90’s Britney and Justin… Baby, one more time... yes, please!!