Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sushi Jiro, Chadstone by Obelix

When one of the main food courts in Chadstone closed down for refurbishment, I was saddened as I miss my closest Omi's Wagyu Don (yes, I realise it is very much a first world problem).  However since its re-opening in recent weeks, I have found a new love - Sushi Jiro, next door to Omi.

Sushi Jiro is dotted everywhere in Melbourne.  Their point of difference, they like to tout, is that they offer handcrafted sushi with a creative flair, aka, not your ordinary sushi rolls.  Indeed, they do have a wide variety of sushi and sushi related offerings over and above the standard California roll.  They also have a few tables set up for the sushi train however I've found it difficult to get onto the sushi train tables especially on the weekends leading up to Christmas.  I order from the pre-made display and eat on the run.

My favourites are:

Sushi Jiro, Chadstone, tempura prawn temaki
Tempura prawn temaki - I like these partly for the kitsch of a conical shaped sushi wrap (you get more nori, you see). The tempura prawn batter is crispy which is an important sign of freshness.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Ali Qapu, Kew East by Obelix

Step through the statement entrance replete with mosaic tiles and heavy wooden double doors, into Ali Qapu named after one of palaces of the Persian kings. It was very palatial in setting with wide open spaces between tables and a cavernous entrance foyer.  It reminded me more of a function hall than a restaurant.

Ali Qapu, Kew East, Persian tea, medjool date
Persian tea and medjool date 

It was the setting of our quarterly girls' night out which we kicked off with a Persian dip platter over chardonnay whilst the stragglers (me) arrived.  I got there too late to sample the salad olovieh (similar to a chicken and egg salad) which came with the dips but got to try the remnants of mizra ghasemi (smoked eggplant dip) and mast-o-khiar (very similar to a tzatziki).

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Syracuse Restaurant & Wine Bar, Melbourne by Log Lady

Syracuse Restaurant & Wine Bar, a restaurant evoking old world European charm located at the bottom end of the CBD on Bank Place, has recently won a prestigious award for Best Wine Bar List in Australasia by World of Fine Wine (they've also been nominated to win the Best Wine List in the World). Syracuse celebrated this illustrious prize by showcasing some of their wine from France to their regular customers. I had the pleasure of attending this intimate event, and the opportunity to taste three of their French wines.

Syracuse, Melbourne, wine tasting
Delicious nibbles to go with our wine  

Friday, November 16, 2018

Toledo, Brunswick by Obelix

P and I recently enjoyed a Sunday morning poking around Mrs Secondhand, a wonderful serendipitous find.  It was a second hand shop one could easily get lost in for hours. When we eventually ventured back outside, squinting in the harsh sunshine of the real world, we headed to nearby Toledo cafe for a bite. 

Toledo, Brunswick, soup of the day
P being a vegetarian, ordered herself the soup of the day, made with chargrilled peppers and a side of toast.  

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dark Horse on the Brit, Mitcham by Bureaucrat

About a year ago, we started venturing into cafe life with Boy Chick in tow.  Back then, he was little enough to force put him in a high chair.  Nowadays, as a boisterous toddler, outdoor seating is a must for us if we want to have any chance of eating out.  I remembered that the Dark Horse on the Brit having a spacious al fresco area that is located in the middle of a not-too-busy pedestrian thoroughfare in the Mitcham shops.  And it seems that we're not the only parents that have cottoned on to this fact - there were plenty of other young families doing the same thing!

Dark Horse on the Brit, Mitcham, paella
As with risotto, paella is a dish that often isn't as good as you'd hope it to be.  The Lawyer is rather a fan of paella (we can still remember the magnificent squid ink paella that we had in Barcelona all those years ago), so when he saw it on the specials menu, he figured he'd give it a shot.  Happily, this was a pretty good version of it.  There was a good amount of chorizo and chicken and it was well seasoned.  The rice was nicely done - not too mushy and not overly al dente.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Sown—debut novel by AC Bux

Here at Eat and Be Merry, our writers write to justify their gluttony.  We write to eat.  On some occasions, we live to write, even when there is no motivational carrot, metaphoric or otherwise, dangling in front of our noses. 

We are excited that one of our contributors, Obelix, otherwise known as AC Bux, has published her debut novel, The Sown.  If you enjoyed Obelix's posts and want to check out her writing chops delving in the genre of historical fiction exploring dark themes of betrayal, shame and addiction, please head over her website ( for more details.