Friday, July 31, 2015

The Spice Tailor's curries and chutnis (by invitation)

A bitterly cold Melbourne night was a perfect setting for an Indian feast to remember - soul-warming food, punchy flavours and good company.  Thanks to the Spice Tailor, the Eat and Be Merry Crew flexed our cooking skills to whip up a delicious dinner using the Spice Tailor's latest range of products.  Armed with Coles voucher, Beaker and I got our aprons on to test out the Spice Tailor's fiery Goan curry, butter chicken curry, peanut & tamarind chutni, and mango chutni.  Using only one of each of these four products, we fed eight of us and had plenty left over. We used the recipes from the Spice Tailor, which we've included links to below.

With the peanut & tamarind chutni, Beaker made these gorgeous Indian-Vietnamese fusion grilled tofu summery rolls with spicy peanut sauce.

Still with the peanut & tamarind chutni, Beaker made this delicious red lentil and peanut dhal.  For added oomph, she also added some pan-fried paneer.

As a twist on the classic butter chicken, Beaker made it with seafood.  With its smooth and mild heat, it was a hit the little ones.

Despite the name, the fiery Goan curry wasn't too spicy.  As a chilli wimp, even I could eat this quite comfortably - it had a nice zingy chilli heat but nothing unbearable.  While the butter chicken/seafood was a hit with the kids, the adults loved the Goan curry as the flavour was deeper and more complex. 

With the gorgeously golden mango chutni, I used the whole jar to make a big batch of sticky barbeque chicken wings.  Definitely moreish and we couldn't stop nibbling at them!

Beaker sets a lovely table for our feast.

Oh so easy and oh so very tasty!  The Spice Tailor products are authentic and so easy to use - give it a go!  We loved how each product can be used in so many different recipes.  Check out the Spice Tailor's website for more info on the products including inspiration and recipes for a gourmet dinner. If you want to see the Spice Tailor's other products, check out our past review.

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