Friday, July 24, 2015

Chatty Vespa (by invitation), Prahran by Obelix

In my lifetime I have had my fair share of crappy pizzas with plastic ham and cheese on a crust as thick as a surfboard. Oily, without substance and just generally bad.  I only mention this because it is in stark contrast to the pizzas at Chatty Vespa.  These guys focus on using best Australian ingredients at the best price possible.  The result?  Gourmet pizzas that don't harm your health nor budget.  I admit to over ordering as I was envisaging mingy gourmet sized pizzas I have encountered at other joints but soon realised a Chatty Vespa can easily feed two rather than the one-person-per-gourmet-pizza rule of thumb elsewhere.  So I can happily report that the leftovers were very welcomed the next day for lunch...

In addition to fab pizzas, Chatty Vespa has their own drop of fine vino.  Also their drinks cabinet are stocked with all sorts of organic libations.

I had to fight Kiddo for the garlic pizza which we had as a starter.  It was seriously garlicky and cheesy. It was Kiddo's pick of night.

P on the other hand went for the Sweet Chick.  This was free range chemical free chicken breast, carmelised onion, capsicum, fior di latte, tomato passata and finished with fresh parsley.  So good.  I normally steer clear of chicken pizzas because many places feel the need to smother it with icky BBQ sauce.  Not at Chatty Vespas!  The sweetness came naturally from the carmelised onion and capsicum.

And a close up for you....

I was very intrigued by the Plant Powered pizza.  This was my pick for the night.  It had broccoli, artichoke, goats fetta, fior di latte on a basil pesto base.  It was creative and delicious.  Chatty Vespa's has numerous vegetarian options, so for the veggos among us, don't feel you are just limited to the ole margherita.

And another close up for you.

Last but not least was the Capri Chose Her.  Yep, you guessed it:  ham, salami, artichoke, mushroom, olives, fior di latte, tomato passata with a sprinkling of oregano.  This one taste even better the next day....

Just a couple of things to add about Chatty Vespas:
  • They do delivery to the Prahran area and surrounds.  And that's where the vespa bit comes it. Delivery is done on these very cute custom vespas.  
  • They are environmentally conscious.  The pizza boxes are green boxes and can convert into serving plates and storage containers.  How clever!
  • Ingredients are all sourced locally.  More info on their website here.  
  • There's about 20 seats for dine in.  

Verdict:  We loved it.  

Chatty Vespas' gourmet pizzas uses high quality local and fresh ingredient at a family friendly (or student friendly) price point.  All pizzas are $17 and under.  Great food, great value.  The staff are also very fun and welcoming.  We are hooked.

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