Monday, February 2, 2015

The Standard Hotel, Fitzory by Obelix

Picture a mild summer's day in a sun dappled courtyard, sipping a drink and hanging out with friends.  For that's what the Bureaucrat and I did at The Standard in Fitzroy.  The Bureaucrat knocked back a gin and tonic and I, being the light weight that I am sipped a soda and lemon with as much nonchalance as I could muster.  

The Standard is a nice little pub with a great courtyard in the heart of Fitzroy.  It has a very laid back and eclectic feel.  Hipsters, parents with bubs, and self confessed dorks like myself alike can mingle and chill in both their outdoor and indoor hangout spaces.

It also has a stage area for the live band.  We were there on a Sunday afternoon which I believe is band day but maybe our timing was a bit off for there was not sign of said band.

The Standard also serves the *ahem* standard pub fare however we were there around 4pm which wasn't really meal time so we did not order anything to eat.  Perhaps next time...

The Verdict:  We liked it.

The Standard is a great go-to venue which has plenty of room for crowds of friends.  It's welcoming and non pretentious and has plenty of outdoor shaded area for lazy afternoons.

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