Saturday, January 31, 2015

Airstream Cafe, Glen Waverley by Obelix

It's school holidays and Kiddo and I had a movie date.  But a date is not a date without being wined and dined.  So we had pre-movie sustenance at Airstream Cafe within the Century City complex where the Village cinemas are situated.

The ambience of Airstream is light and airy.  There is an alfresco deck area which I would imagine would be lovely to sit out on a sunny day.  Kudos to Airstream, the staff are extremely cognizant that patrons may be movie-goers and we were asked at least three times by three different service staff about the timing we would like our meal to be served.

I ordered a grilled salmon on a bed of scalloped potatoes, green beans and a citrusy glaze ($26.40).  It was very filling and quite rich with the creamy potatoes and oily fish.  Even a glutton like me struggled to finish this.  The salmon itself was probably a bit too over done for my liking

Kiddo chose off the kids menu.  There were a selection of five or six mains and for $10, a drink and ice cream was included.  Kiddo chose the Hawaiian pizza.  The pizzas at Airstream are cooked in a wood fire oven.  There was unfortunately a bit of a wait for Kiddo's pizza.  Luckily we were filling ourselves up with the moreish hand cut chips.

The aforementioned handcut chips ($9) served with a delicious garlicy aioli and ketchup.  

I ordered a decaff latte to wash it down and Kiddo had her lemonade which came with the kids meal.

Kiddo then wrapped up the meal with chocolate icecream.  

Verdict:  We liked it.

Airstream Cafe is a good pre movie / post movie stopover for a feed and drinkie poos.  The staff are very friendly and they endeavour to get you out in time for your movie.  The kids menu in particular is good value.

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Anonymous said...

As delicious as their chips are, I can guarantee they are not hand cut.
I was there dining at the time they had many boxes of McCains frozen chips delivered.

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Ahh good to know ;)

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