Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kimchi Hut, Glen Waverley by Obelix

It was a rare occasion for dining a deux as Kiddo was dispatched to camp.  So we made the most of the opportunity by eating something she doesn't like - Shabu Shabu at Kimchi Hut.  To the heathens among us (Kiddo included), Shabu Shabu is no more than boiled meat and veg which you cooked yourself over a precarious looking gas ring at the table.  However that would not be appreciating the nuances of intense savoury flavours that layer up in the broth as one cooks the seafood, veggies and meat successively in the pot.

At Kimchi Hut, for $60 you get a platter of raw food like thus:

This included couple of mantu (dumplings), prawns, mussels, cabbage, bok choy, tofu, a few varieties of mushroom, beef and udon noodles.

It also included complementary side dishes, banchan, which were a mixture of pickles, kimchi and tasty beancurd morsels.

We were shown the correct technique for Shabu Shabu which is cook your seafood, veggies, tofu, manu first and eat that.  The beef is cooked after this to avoid clouding the broth with its proteinous goodness.

Once that is all done, the noodles are added to the broth which is now super charged with flavour and that is slurped up with the broth.

Verdict: We loved it.

Kimchi Hut is a great go-to for a Korean fix.  Whilst the place is generally busy, the service is friendly and prompt.  Also have a look at Bureaucrat's review of Kimchi Hut back in March 2012.

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