Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shingle Inn, Glen Waverley by Bureaucrat

Shingle Inn is a newish chain has been popping up around town.  I'm not sure where this chain originates from.  For some reason, I think it's a Malaysian or Singaporean themed chain as the decor has a very distinct colonial Asian look to it - think Pappa Rich but with coffee and cafe fare.

Needing respite from shopping, we rolled up to the counter, placed our order and settled into a booth.

A soup of the day for me - minestrone - served with shaved parmesan and toasted fingers.  The soup was quite chunky and flavoursome, although a wee bit sweet.  Lots of diced vegetables and a good amount of beans.  It was tasty but I suspect there is MSG in it as, afterwards, I was really thirst for the rest of the day.

The Lawyer got chicken burger w chips and drink deal.  A biggish grilled chicken burger w avo, toms, red onion, lettuce, beetroot chutney and mayo on brioche bun.  This was also quite tasty and substantial in size.  The chips were also quite good.

The burger came with iced tea, and I was pleased that they served it a Mason-type jar with a spring of mint and a slice of lemon.

Verdict: we liked it.

Shingle Inn is a nice spot to relax during a shopping trip.  I quite like the decor, which is the biggest appeal to me.  The food is reasonable - nothing earth shattering - but good enough that I'd much rather eat here than in the food court.  Service is friendly.  

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