Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oriental Wong's Kitchen, Box Hill by Obelix

Oriental Wong's Kitchen was a tip off from my mother.  If she said it was worth going to, then it usually is as my mum is nothing short of discerning and loves nothing less than seeing value for her money.

Oriental Wong's Kitchen is set unpretentiously in a food court in Box Hill.  It holds its own very well next to the plethora of Asia eateries in the area.  On my mum's recommendations, we ordered:

The roast duck on rice ($8.50).  This was a generous serving of breast and leg meat and the price was surprisingly low for roast duck.

Fish ball noodle soup ($8.50),  Once again whopping serves.  Apparently the fish balls are made on premises and one can buy these separately to cook at home.  I enjoyed the fish balls, great texture.  The flavour of the broth was light and clean.  A good dish for a great price.

Kiddo had the BBQ pork with rice noodles ($9). The BBQ pork were tender and not too fatty.  The serving size was not as gargantuan compared to the dishes.

Silky bean curd ($2).  We had the sweet and warm version with ginger syrup as dessert.  I love this stuff.  So silky it dissolves the instant it hits your mouth.  It's poetry.

Verdict: We loved it.

Oriental Wong's Kitchen is cheap eats done right.  The roast meat dishes are definitely their specialty.  I have tried their more hawker stall offerings on other occasions such as the Hainanese Chicken rice.  That was disappointing.  So the moral of the story is, stick with their roast meat dishes and you can't go wrong.

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