Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thanh Ha 2, Richmond by Obelix

Like Bureaucrat, I have often wax lyrical about my fave Vietnamese restaurant, Ha Long Bay (see her review). However I think I may have found a rival - Thanh Ha 2.  Thanh Ha 2 is also along Victoria St and the main differences I note between it and Ha Long Bay are:  
  • it seems to draw a more Vietnamese crowd versus a mixed bag crowd at Ha Long
  • its prices are generally $2 - $4 more than Ha Long
  • the range of Vietnamese food is greater - they have banh xeo and steamed rice cakes, etc whilst Ha Long doesn't.  

We ordered the prawn and pork rice noodle soup.  It came with a delicious clear broth and loads of veggies and herbs.  

Continuing on the prawn and pork theme, we also had them wrapped in a rice paper roll.  They were nice and fresh albeit a little on the slim side.  I like my rice paper rolls chunky.

Whilst I didn't order the wanton soup, I was told that it was very flavourful and it was filled with prawn and pork mince.

We could not resist ordering the broken rice.  It was a generous serve with more side salads than usual - which is a good thing.

Last but not least, I ordered these steamed rice pancakes topped with dried shrimp, spring onions and bits of pork crackling!  Pork Crackling!  Anything with topped with pork crackling is good.  Enough said.

Verdict: we liked it a lot.

Whilst Thanh Ha 2 is a dearer than what I have been paying for Vietnamese food, the range of options are greater and it seems very popular with the local Vietnamese.  I will definitely go back to try the dishes I don't get at my regular Ha Long Bay such as the banh xeo and anything else featuring pork crackling.

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