Thursday, February 26, 2015

Malaysian Kitchen, Doncaster East by Obelix

I was introduced to Malaysian Kitchen by a friend who recommended it on the basis it cooked up consistent Hawker stall food at very reasonable prices.  On this occasion, I tried their special lunch menu which had several of their popular noodle and rice dishes to select from in addition to free drink for $12.50.

I was very happy with my choice of Chef Pan Mee.  I have never had this noodle dish before and was surprised by the thick cut noodles that came with it.  They were a slippery but nice texture and the broth was flavoursome without being too salty.  It had little bits of fried anchovies and pork throughout.

My dad ordered the Nasi Lemak with Beef.  It was good value considering you get a free drink with the meal and other places charge similarly if not more for a Nasi Lemak sans drink.

My mum selected the Combination Ipoh Hor Fun which had plenty of 'wok hai'.

And we chose tea and coffee for our drinks.

Verdict:  We loved it.

Malaysian Kitchen is great value, particularly with their lunch special.  Service was prompt and the food was decent.

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