Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walrus Seafood Restaurant, Springvale by Obelix

I have been to the Walrus Seafood Restaurant a couple of times.  It is the sort of place you associate with reasonably executed Chinese food at reasonable prices and with decent serving sizes.  So I was a bit disappointed this time around after a year long hiatus, that the serving sizes had diminished markedly.  The food was not as tasty as I remembered.

We started with the freebie Chinese soup.  That was ok.

We then ordered a succession of dishes.  To their credit, they arrived in a timely manner.  They just didn't taste all that good.

They had forgotten to season the Salt and Pepper Soft Shell crabs so they were actually salt and pepper-less.  So what should have been the star attraction of the meal was a bit meh.

The abalone mushrooms in the hot pot were bitter.  We had to order more dishes as we were still hungry.  Their serving sizes had shrunk to miniscule proportions.

Pippis served with Chinese donuts.

Fried rice for Kiddo and friends.

Seafood birdnest.  The birdnest was a bit of a cop out.  It was just fried wanton sheets.  It should have been a fried potato rosti type affair in basket shape. 

Salt and pepper pork chops.  Tasty.  Pity it was so mingy in size.

Stir fried beef and cashews.  

Seafood hot pot with Japanese tofu.  This one was nice.  But there wasn't enough to go around.  Maybe because I ate most of it...

Complementary red bean soup for dessert.

Verdict:  We wouldn't return

It's casual family dining. The food was so-so and the serving sizes small.  Great if you want a quick meal but not suitable if you are after an elegant meal. 

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