Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato, Melbourne CBD (by invitation) by Big Fil

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious from the name, but Dex2rose (a play on Dextrose?) Nitrogen Gelato is the latest addition to the Melbourne food scene that uses liquid nitrogen as an integral part of the food preparation process.


When used in preparing ice-creams and gelatos liquid nitrogen results in a significantly smoother product, complements of the much smaller ice crystals that result from the fast freezing of the mixture.  Add to this the entertainment value of the cold ‘smoke’ of the evaporating nitrogen and you have one of my favourite ‘foodie’ experiences. The question arises though, why should I go to Dex2rose rather than one of the other places around town?

It's a MATCH AH!

For me there were two things which stood out about my visit here.  The first of these is the less sweet and more ambitious arrangements offered.  For example, my favourite the After Ate is a chocolate gelato with peppermint oil and brownie chunks, served with fresh vanilla cream.  The flavours are more mature, the gelato, brownies and fresh cream provide interesting textural contrasts.

After Ate

Similarly the  Lazy Dinner with its burnt butter and caramel flavours offers a less sweet and more complex flavour than your typical salted caramel offerings, the Honey Stash an interesting textural contrast from the honeyed nuts, creamy gelato and lighter raspberry cream topping.

Honey Stash 

If gelati isn’t your thing there are a few sorbets also on offer, including the Pink Flamingo, an delicate peach and rose flavoured sorbet whose non-creamy texture offered a lighter finish after trying several of the gelatos.

Here are some photos of the incredible nitrogen kitchen/lab:

Verdict: we loved it.

The other thing which stood out was the way the store has been set up. It’s much more a Melbourne diner experience down to the wooden tables and bare lighting compared to your typical gelato dispensary, somewhere to sit and order rather than order and find somewhere to stand while eating.  It adds to the more adult/civilised feeling of the experience, somewhere more to cap off an evening or catch up with friends as indulge an ice-cream craving (not that there is anything wrong with an ice-cream craving!).

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