Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A&W, Vancouver (Canada) by Bureaucrat

A&W is this cute burger chain in Canada.  Unlike some other burger chains from North America, A&W has a real family theme going that doesn't have a history of detractors questioning its nutritional value of its food.

The burgers are names after family members - there's the papa burger, mama burger, teen burger, uncle burger and so forth.  The beef patties are juicy and non-gristly.  I love the mayo and tomato sauce they use in the burger.  

While these aren't gourmet burgers they are definitely much, much better than the ones you'd get from other burger chains.  What's also good is that they have skin-on potato chips and sweet potato chips on offer.  There's just something really rustic about the burgers that I really like.  

Harking back to the good ol' days, they also have root beer on offer.  Until now, I never knew what root beer tasted like - it's kinda like a mix between sarsaparilla and coke with an overlay of menthol. While I didn't particularly like the flavour, the Lawyer quite enjoyed it.

I also loved the quaint design of the A&W eateries, with the old timey cartoons.

Verdict: we loved it.

We love this cute burger chain!  Definitely wish A&W was available in Australia.

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