Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pho Nam Nam, East Malvern by Obelix

Ever had a hankering for pho but nowhere near a good source?  That's how Kiddo and I felt whilst shopping at Chadstone Shopping Centre one day.  We couldn't be bothered driving all the way to Springvale or Richmond, the more traditional source of pho, so we took a chance on Pho Nam Nam which is situated at the old Wagamama site outside the cinemas at Chaddy.

We weren't expecting authentic pho of the calibre served in Richmond,  so long as it tasted reasonable and the prices decent, I wasn't going to be too nit picky.

Kiddo ordered the pho with chicken breast in the regular size serve ($10.90).  There were plenty of breast and the broth was of reasonable standard.  I understand from Pho Nam Nam that their broth has been simmered for 24 hours.

I ordered the grilled pork with lemongrass pho ($10.90).  Once again plenty of meat and enough fresh herbs to go around.

Since no Vietnamese meal is complete without prawn spring rolls, we ordered a serve of eight ($9).  These were ok.  I have had better but considering we were in a shopping centre, these spring rolls were passable.

The Verdict:  We liked it.

Overall  Pho Nam Nam is ok.  The pho or spring rolls were not quite the calibre of those served in Vietnamese restaurants in Springvale or Richmond.  But then again, they tasted fine and are of reasonable price.  Pho Nam Nam sure beats eating a lack lustre food court sandwich or a greasy bain marie dish from the food court.

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