Monday, April 27, 2015

Treasury Deli and Cafe, East Melbourne CBD by Obelix

I'll keep this text lite and let the amazing salads at Treasury Deli & Cafe do all the talking.  Treasury Cafe is situated within the Department of Treasury and Finance.  It is open to the public and has a spacious al fresco area over looking city greenery.  Their salads are officially, da bombe.

A big salad

This salad was deceptively filling and satisfying.  It was a mix of two salads - one was a meatballs, Israeli couscous and pumpkin.  It had Middle Eastern spices throughout.  The other salad was a chicken breast, kale, string beans with a lemony dressing.

My friend ordered the crumbed John Dory with the same chicken salad as above ($15). She was delighted with the fresh fish.

On a separate occasion, I ordered a beef salad.  The beef was cooked just right - not too overdone and not mooing.  It had a deliciously charred outer.  I mixed this up with a bit of chicken and kale salad.

The salads are seasonal.  Here is a pic of the their salad bar.

There is also the usual suspects in the hot food selection, eg a pasta, a casserole. There is also a range of sandwiches and foccacias on offer.

and sweets....a pretty awesome selection to go with a coffee.

Verdict:  We loved it.

Fresh ingredients, great service.

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Bureaucrat said...

I love Treasury Deli's salads too! Our used to be one of my fav places to get lunch when I worked near Parliament.

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

So good 👍

Laura said...

Wow I work right near here and had no idea that this place was any good! I think the tired exterior scared me off!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Lol. Don't be put off by the government building facades... The salads are great. This is a small world!... We’ve probably walked past each other without knowing :)

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