Saturday, April 4, 2015

Taiwan Cafe, Glen Waverley by Obelix

I am a bit slow to jump onto the Taiwanese food craze.  But jump on I did.  I'm loving their street food - the fried pork chops, the fried chicken.  Not to mention the infamous Taiwanese beef noodles.

Taiwan Cafe in Glen Waverley does all the usual Taiwanese street food offerings at reasonable prices.  We ordered the following:

Popcorn chicken to share as entree - these are little breast pieces of chicken with a very crunchy coating.  A wee bit oily but whaddaya expect I suppose for fried chicken?

The zha jiang noodles - I didn't order this one but wish I had.  Zha jiang is a savoury sweet mince sauce which you toss through noodles and it usually, like this one did, came with slivers of cucumber, bean sprouts, etc.  The mince sauce in this one had little bits of tofu in it which I thought was a nice healthy variation.

This one was my order - Beef noodle soup.  I ordered mine with a soya egg for $1 extra.  Glad I did because it was a deliciously marinated soya egg.  Could have eaten half a dozen... The soup itself was bit greasy as you can see in the photo so that was slightly off putting.  But the beef strips were very tender and melted in the mouth.  So overall I enjoyed it even it was an oil slick on top.

The fried pork chop bento box was popular order by all the other diners and we followed suit.  The pork chop was very crispy yet juicy inside so it was a nicely executed fry up.  The rice came with a drizzling of mince sauce on top and the obligatory fried egg and sauteed veggies.

Verdict: We liked it.  

It was a pleasant meal which tallied up to $38 for the above.  It's a good place to have in the back of your mind if you are ever craving street food of the Taiwanese variety.

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