Thursday, April 16, 2015

Piggery Cafe Burnham Beeches, Sherbrooke by Obelix

I have been hearing wonderful whisperings of the new-ish Shannon Bennett establishment tucked away in idyllic Sherbrooke so I was ever so excited to be invited there by Audi Penfold for their new Audi TT launch.  Sexy cars and sustainable / ethical / delicious food combined?  Yep, count me in!  If you are interested in pics of the Audi TT test drive through the stunning Sherbrooke forest, you can check out our Instagram page.  For now I'm honing in on the food...

P and I shared two platters.  The first being the Charcuterie platter which was one of their specials and the Chicken platter. In line the ethos of the Piggery Cafe, the pork products were all from happy piggies.  It was a good platter to share with those with contrasting preferences.  I loved the pickle, olives and dried cured stuff and P loved the terrine like mass and perfectly gooey eggs.  There was something for everyone on this platter of pig.  This came with house bread - a multi grain and a delightfully dense sourdough...yum!

The Chicken platter was certainly bountiful.  It came replete with fried wings, nuggets to be dipped in aioli, roast chicken, stuffing and three types of salad.  This was my pick of the bunch.  I loved all of it.  The wings in particular were delicious - tender and not desiccated which can sometimes happen with fried wings.

The barley and goji berry salad was so delicious I was fighting P for the last grain.  It was delightfully chewy (barley bits) and a slight sweetness (goji) - love!  Here's a close up for you.

And a close up of nuggets and wings....

and of the roast.

P was beside himself with delight when he realised they served real Orangina imported from Europe.  I caught him googling the barcode to confirm country of origin.  He is something of an Orangina fanatic.  Whereas I was just pleased they had coconut water as I was parched.

The gunpowder green tea was a pleasant apres meal cuppa.  It really cleansed and soothed.

And I shall leave you with a few pics of the premises.  It was one of those impeccable Autumn days, sunshine, blue skies and the photos do not do it justice.  You just have to visit to truly appreciate the grounds.  Having said it was an impeccable Autumn day, Piggery Cafe was swamped with people.  We at the Audi function probably added to the hecticness.  I have plans to visit with the whole family (very kid friendly grounds) but will probably time our visit for before 12pm to beat the crowds.

I have heard the cafe and Burnham bakery is only phase 1 of the project at Burnham Beeches, when it is completed it will be a complete gourmet retreat - I can't wait!

Verdict:  We loved it.

What's there not to love?  Sustainable ethically sourced local food on beautiful grounds.  Lawn bowls, bocce and croquet for entertainment.  A short drive from Melbourne.  A great way to spend the weekend.

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