Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hollywood International Seafood Buffet, Burwood East by Bureaucrat

Unlike Doris Day, our visit to the grandly named Hollywood International Seafood Buffet didn't get me singing 'hooray for Hollywood'. We were given two tickets for dinner to HISB as a present.  HISB is pitched as a competitor to other buffet restaurant in the nearby suburbs (namely, China Bar Signature in Burwood East).  While the layout and structure is similar to CBS, the prices are cheaper (you can also purchase a book of 'value' coupons here too) and the quality is.... ehhhh... about the same.

There is a reasonable amount of seafood on offer - oysters, crab, prawns, mussels and sashimi.  I only tried a few oysters and some crab.  The Lawyer went to town and ate a lot of the seafood.  While he enjoyed it at the time - unfortunately he was very sick a few hours after dinner.  

I felt completely fine but I limited my seafood intake.  Was he sick because of the seafood?  Or did he have too much of a good thing?  I'll let you decide.

The food here is sort of food court quality but with quite a range.  Lots of fried stuff, Chinese roast duck, BBQ pork, char siu, blackbean pipi stir fry, Korean style pork ribs, Japanese octopus balls, just to name a few.

There's also a range of individual portions of dim sims...

...and while I didn't have any, there was also a number of peasant style dishes, e.g., chicken feet and offal-y dishes.

The dessert options weren't too flash - most of them were pre-made, bulk-purchased stuff that had been cut up into small portions.

Verdict: we wouldn't return

While it is cheap for a seafood buffet, I much rather pay more for a fine dining seafood buffet (e.g., Melba Brasserie, Conservatory, or Collins Kitchen). The fact that the Lawyer got sick soon afterwards means that we'll be giving this place a miss in the future.

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Laura said...

That low Urbanspoon rating is a real concern to me..

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

I agree, but it's surprisingly still popular!

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