Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kopitiam at Vivo City, Singapore by Obelix

No wonder Singapore is often touted as the foodie's destination.  I was so impressed with their definition of shopping mall food court.  No, not  McDonalds or KFCs but individual shops selling noodles, rice, BBQ meats, all serving customers very quickly and very cheaply.  Tucked away in the basement of  Vivo City which apparently is Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle complex is an unbelievably well priced kopitiam.

I could not resist ordering a bowl of "Lia Mian" which are noodles pulled in front of your very eyes and served with your selection of broth and meats.    In my case, I ordered the braised mince pork which came with bok choy and bean sprouts.  This bowl of lusciousness cost $4.80!  Yes, $4.80 Singaporean dollars which roughly equates the the same in Australian currency.  My God, my lunch cost less than $5! McDonalds cost more than this and I know what I would much rather eat.  At that price, I was tempted to order two bowls!  The braised meat was savoury with a touch of sweetness - very much like a Jia Jeung Mian which is like a Chinese style bolognese.

Whilst in Singapore, Kiddo has been clocking an average of two bowls of laksa per day.  So just to vary it up a bit, we ordered her Yeung Tofu which is different types of stuffed beancurd in a laksa soup base with rice noodles.  The Yeung Tofu shops in Singapore are frequently 'help yourself' type set ups. You take an empty bowl and select whatever types of beancurd and veggies you like from their display and present this to the cook who heats it all up in your chosen broth.  This was the most expensive dish of the day at $5.80. 

We also got another tofu/beancurd dish.  It was Japansese styled silken tofu stir fried with chicken and mushrooms atop of a whole heap of rice.  This also set us back less than $6.

Verdict:  We loved it

The Kopitiam at Vivo City is definitely worth a visit whilst you are in Singapore.  A head's up - it does get crazy busy on the weekends.  I went once on a weekday and once on a Sunday.  It was swarming with people on a Sunday.  Just to paint the picture - we spent 45 mins queuing to pay at Toys R Us....I would recommend visiting on a weekday for sanity's sake.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

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