Thursday, April 2, 2015

Goldilocks Bar, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Goldilocks has gotten wise since I first got to know her in a library book.  No longer a kleptomaniac, Goldy now has her own bar and, in my view, the drinks here are so much better than a purloined bowl of porridge (frankly, if I were to steal something it wouldn't be porridge).

Located on the fourth floor and rooftop, Goldilocks is a great place to throw back a few, especially on a splendidly sun-drenched day.  The rooftop is staffed and there is table service from a crew of hipsters.  With a range of beers and cider on offer, the bar is has a fairly decent cocktail range - plus, they're also happy to concoct a glass of poison to your liking.

The place is popular, even during the mid-week.  We arrived early before 5pm and there were already people getting nicely happy in the sun.  By the time 5pm came, the place was packed out.

Course, if you can't get a seat on the rooftop you can always go inside, which is dark and atmospheric... perhaps you can even spot the grizzlies lurking around in the shadows.

Verdict: we liked it a lot.

A great place for a drink.  Get there early to bag a good spot.

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