Saturday, April 25, 2015

Koji Sushi Don, Malvern by Obelix

A little while back we were suffering from a severe case of the *Hangries* and nothing around us was open on a Public Holiday.  P offered, or rather was ordered to drive with no other purpose in mind than to procure food for Kiddo and I.  Sure there was produce in the fridge to knock up a meal but we had chewed off our hands in hunger so could not prepare it [read: too lazy].  P eventually struck El Dorado, or rather Koji Sushi Don within the Stockland complex at Tooronga.

Fearing our squawking back home, like baby birds demanding a feed, he brought home more than plenty to feed us whiny womenfolk.

The bento would be the star of the show.  It had teriyaki beef, yakitori chicken, katsu, a few slices of sashimi and a few wee spring rolls with rice.  This would be an ideal option for those who cannot make up their minds on their order for it had a sampling of everything. 

My next favourite was the gyoza in udon noodle soup.  The gyoza were generously sized by gyoza standards, it was sized more like its cousin, the Chinese dumpling.  The udon noodle soup was comforting and there’s nothing like a heart warming squidgy flick of an udon noodle sucked through pursed lips. 

P had the curry katsu with rice.  I’m not a big fan of the Japanese style curry sauce.  I think it lacks depth compared to it’s other Asian counterparts.  So this wasn’t my fave.  But on the plus side, I love a crispy schnitzel.  Erm, so if you like katsu, I guess there is nothing wrong with the ones Koji serves up. 

The flop of the lot was the unagi with rice.  I normally am a big eel fan.  Particularly love how the Japanese does it – flayed and grilled with a slightly sweet and sticky glaze.  But this unagi was horrifying.  I could not stomach more than a nibble.  It was so overwhelmingly fishy but in a rancid fishy way.  The skin was so gummy and tough, no knife or gnashing of incisors could wrench off a proper bite.  I’m not sure whether this was a reflection of the actually cooking/prep of the eel or rather a reflection of the age/quality of the eel?  Is the gummy skin indicative of an old eel?  I’m not sure but it has certainly put me off unagi for a while.

Verdict:  We liked it. 

Koji Sushi Don is a solid takeaway contender.

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