Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vicinity Cafe, Caulfield South by Obelix

I had the most inexplicable urge to eat a waffle one fine Sunday morn (nope, not preggas if you were wondering).  As I was passing through Glenhuntly Road, I randomly stopped at one of their cafes satisfy my waffle craving. 

So there I was a Vicinity Café scanning the menu with a slightly crazed and frantic look for waffles.  They didn’t have any.  But I had already sat down and engaged.  I couldn’t back away.  So I ordered the next best thing dripping in maple syrup – a stack of buttermilk pancakes. 

Did they fill my waffle void?  Yes it did.  It had the wonderful ratio of fluffy carbs, sticky maple syrup and butteryness.  It came with a compote of seasonal fruit.  I was a bit disappointed they were bananas for I loathe the big B but I guess there are some folks who like bananas softened over heat in a pool of butter. 

I washed it down with a cup of green tea. 

Saw this very apt sign on the way to the loos....

Verdict:  We liked it. 

Vicinity is a cosy café catering to the locals.  It does the usual all day breakfast and the lunch menu consisted of various burgers.  Friendly staff and quick service.  

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