Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rasapura Masters, Singapore by Obelix

Whilst we were in Singapore we ate at Rasapura Masters practically daily.  Firstly it was conveniently located in the Marina Bay Sands complex where we were staying but mainly because it served the most delicious tasting Hainanese Chicken I have ever ever tasted (no exaggeration, I used to hate Hainanese Chicken but now I'm a convert).  It was only after I got home that I Googled Rasapura Masters website and realised Rasapura means "City of Taste".  The whole concept of Raspura Masters was to offer all the multi-cultural experiences of Singaporean street food all in one place.

Here are some of their offerings:

I could end this post right here, quite frankly.  Although very unassuming in this photo, the Hainanese Chicken rice was ah-maaa-zing.  The chicken was silken smooth and flavourful.  The rice was chickeny without being greasy.  I had my epiphany moment - "Ah, so that's what Hainanese Chicken should taste like" . It made me realised all the Hainanese Chicken I've had before was just plain old steamed chicken. It came with clear chicken broth which Kiddo knocked back so I can't comment on how the broth tasted but presumably it tasted fine as it disappeared very quickly.  We added to the order with soya eggs and bok choy.

Another very moreish eats at Rasapura Masters was the tandoor store.  The smell of the naan fresh from the tandoor was just beckoning from across the complex.

We also tried out the Chinese BBQ stall.  This was a combo plate with roast duck and pork.  It tasted ok but paled in comparison with the Hainanese Chicken and naan.

Verdict: We loved it.

Most dishes at Rasapura Masters were under $20.  The Hainanese Chicken is well worth a look-in.

10 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956

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