Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pope Joan, Brunswick East by Bureaucrat

While I may have skipped most of my religious education classes at school, I do support women rising through the ranks in organised religions and, with that, I whole-heartedly support Pope Joan.

A glorious Saturday morning found us at Pope Joan for brunch.  We got iced coffees to kick things off.

The Lawyer and I shared a serve of Pope Joan's "kinda" full English breakfast.  I loved the creamy curds of the scrambled eggs, while the Lawyer loved Joan's baked beans.  Delicious, too, were the proper bacon and Cumberland sausage.

And because I couldn't resist, we got a side of herbed crinkle cut chips with the thick, deeply tomatoe-y Mr Wilkinson's red sauce.

Verdict: we loved it

Amen!  Get thee to Pope Joan for great food and ambiance. 

Pope Joan on Urbanspoon

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