Saturday, May 30, 2015

Golden Leaf, Burwood East by Obelix

I normally associate Goldleaf with yum cha so it was not an automatic go-to when I’m seeking take away for dinner.  I was pleasantly pleased with my take away last Saturday night.  P and I were seeking a decent sort of meal without the palaver of actually scrubbing up and going somewhere.  

So I ordered a few choice dishes from Goldleaf Burwood and cooked up a batch of rice at home to go with the dishes.  The service was prompt, the food still piping hot and most importantly of all, there was no discernible MSG afterburn. 

For entrees, I decided to go a bit luxe and ordered the king prawns with wasabi sauce.  They don’t photograph all that prettily but in essence, they are large sized prawns, battered and fried with a wasabi and mayo glaze and topped with a sprinkling of pine nuts.  You can’t really fault any battered and fried prawns.  I would have preferred more of a wasabi hit rather than a mayo-y hit but on the up side, at least it was relatively kid friendly. 

For mains, we went with two dishes – a beef stir fried with seasonal vegetables and one of their specialities, the eggplant and seafood hot pot.  They were both generously sized and the eggplant seafood hotpot had a delicate smoky flavour – delish!  I was very happy with the amount of seafood throughout.   

The stir fried beef and vegs had a good variety of vegs and they were still crispy.  What’s discernible was that it was not smothered in a cornflour glaze as Chinese stir fries can sometimes be.  It was fresh and crispy. 

The above dishes were in the vicinity of $80 (we cooked our own rice) and fed the two of us with no tummy real estate to spare. 

Verdict:  We loved it. 

Whilst Goldleaf Burwood is better known for its yum cha (see Benny's review back in August 2011) or a la carte dinner, it is also worth considering for take aways. 

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