Sunday, May 17, 2015

Imperial Treasure, Singapore by Obelix

We had time to kill whilst waiting for our flight back home at Changi Airport and decided to check ourselves in at the Crowne Plaza Hotel next to Changi for a lie-down and a freshen up.  That was when we stumbled upon Imperial Treasure which was located within Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Even though it was neither lunch nor dinner time, we decided anytime was yum cha time.

The yum cha was an 'order off the menu' affair rather than a 'pick off the trolley' type.  This was perhaps because we were eating around 3pm.  The service was very attentive and we were offered a plate of honeyed cashews upon arrival.  Thinking it was a gratis amuse bouche, we quickly scoffed down said unsolicited nuts but got a bit irked when the billed came and we discovered we were charged for them. It was only $3.70 or thereabouts but it was more the principle of the matter.

But having said that, the yum cha itself was a delight.  We ordered the cholesterol laden fried octopus coated with salted duck egg yolk.  OMG, anything coated in duck egg yolk is a winner, never mind the angioplasty I require later.

Kiddo being the only person on this planet who dislikes dumplings and yum cha stubbornly ordered a beef brisket noodle soup.  It was very flavoursome with the five spiced broth and the melt in your  mouth brisket.

It would not be yum cha without prawn dumplings.  These were ok.  Not vile but nothing to rave about.

Feeling like I should eat at least some vegetative matter, we ordered the turnip cake as our concessionary vegetable.  This was very tasty with loads of Chinese sausage within.  

Whilst the prawn dumplings were underwhelming, the siu mai was fantastic!  They were chock filled with seafood.

Last but not least, another yum cha staple, the prawn rice noodle rolls.  These were very moreish.

Verdict:  We loved it.  

Imperial Treasure - a very pleasant way to while away the hours during a layover at Changi Airport.

Airport Boulevard
Changi Airport

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