Friday, May 22, 2015

Little Chef, West Melbourne by Bureaucrat

Opposite Operator 25 is a cute Asian eatery called Little Chef.  The food here is well priced and quite nice and I love the simple homely vibe to the place.

I corralled a bunch of us to go there one lunch time and we got the following dishes.

Big Fil got kung pao chicken with rice ($8.50) which packed a nice punchy heat to it.

To go with his dish, Big Fil also got some steamed buns... or at least that's what he thought he had ordered.  What come out instead was something that was very much like xiao long baos.  Equally tasty but I think he was thinking of something bigger and fluffier in mind.

Snooze went for the stir fried sting bean w mince on rice ($8.50).

Ruby Grapefruit and Ms No Meat shared the voluptuously, silky braised eggplant. The eggplant was luscious and had a nice caramely crust, and the gravy nice and savoury in flavour.

They also shared a rather generous plate of stir fried vegetarian hokkien noodles.

Last but not least, I ordered the seafood and veg stir fry with rice ($9.80).  Nice, simple flavours. Lots of cuttlefish, thin slices of fishcake and (ugh) seafood extender, and shrimp.

Verdict: we liked it alot.

Nothing fancy here but simple homestyle food.  Good prices - most dishes are under $10.  I'd go back again.  Service is polite and friendly.  The set up inside is spacious, clean and neat.

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