Sunday, May 31, 2015

Japonais Sapporo, Paris by Bureaucrat

We accidentally stumbled across Little Japan in Paris. There's a few long rambly streets that run parallel against each other near the Pyramides Metro station in the first arrondisements (don't you love vague directions!).

With loads of Japanese eateries, a couple of Japanese grocery stores and a massive Japanese cartoon shop I thought I'd have a good chance of getting a tasty Japanese dinner.  There were several cheap and cheerful looking eateries in the area and I was dithering about trying to decide which one I should go to.

Long story short, I should have picked a different place. I was hoping for a comforting, carby meal after the long flight, and the oyakadon (chicken and egg on rice) was disappointing. As you can plainly see, it ain't pretty.  Kinda reminiscent and of the same ilk as Don Don back in Melbourne.  Claggy rice, not a lot of chicken, rubbery egg with pickled turnips tossed through it. I got it as a takeaway as I wanted to flop on the bed and watch TV while I ate it. 

Verdict: we wouldn't return

Eww. Avoid.  I know some of you are wondering why I'm eating Japanese while in France but bear in mind I had been on a plane for 24 hours and hadn't got the wherewithal to suss out where I should go for dinner. 

37, rue Sainte-Anne
75001 Paris


Laura said...

That's a shame! I went to a Japanese place right near there when I was in Paris last time. The menu was in French or Japanese so it made for interesting ordering!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

It's always such a gamble when you're travelling in another country!

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