Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Fingers, Melbourne CBD by Snooze

Four of us braved the bracing wind of this year’s winter to try one of the CBD’s newest hole-in-the walls for lunch. From the outside it looked cosy, with the tiniest of kitchens to the right as you enter … but the food proves that lack of space from any angle is no barrier to serving cheerful, tasty food and the retro grunge atmosphere (coined Fitzroy Chic by Big Fil) and extra seating upstairs makes eating there a great experience.

Cannelloni is a particular favourite but mine was slightly over salted and a little heavy on the tomato sauce. But the serve was hearty, and the filling a nice balance between the spinach and ricotta. It also arrived drenched in either pecorino or parmesan, which I love ... great for me but a risk because it's not to everybody’s taste.

The sausage roll wasn’t quite what Big Fil was expecting … it was more like an enormous meat loaf wrapped in thin pastry, and arrived with chutney (rather than sauce) and a green leafy salad. Sausage rolls can be salty too, but this was good and very filling, homemade, with delicate pastry and a savoury filling. Big Fil strikes again with a great meal!

The chicken roti wrap was warm, tasty and slightly crisp, the green chicken curry filling deliciously spicy and the chicken tender and moist. The accompanying green salad had a light dressing that complimented the spicy wrap. The condiments: yoghurt and chutney sauces set off the meal nicely. An all round tasty meal.

I’ve never noticed Arancini on a menu before and I will definitely look for it the next time I’m out. The rice was delicate … not like the heavier risotto rice and the filling tasty and full of vegetables. The only downside was it might have been improved with the addition of some salad which Suzie Q gladly helped out with. It's a pretty constant cry from our group about the lack of vegetable matter in Melbourne restaurants and cafes.

A little off the beaten track at the top end of Russell Street near Flinders Street. Head and shoulders above the usual lunch time eaters, which morphs into a bar in the evening. The food is cheap but good, the servings very reasonable and it’s pretty easy to get a meal and coffee/tea/chocolate and end up with $5 change from a $20. I also hear that the cakes on the countertop (which were very easy on the eye and ogled by Big Fil and myself) are made on the premises. Well worth a visit or two.

Food - 7
Service - 8
Ambience – 7.5
Price – 8

27 Russell Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9633 0202

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