Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mudchute Farm, England by Bureaucrat

One of the delights of London is Mudchute Farm. I come here every few weeks. It's a cute city farm that visitors can walk up to the animals and even share a picnic in the same field.

It's a family friendly place, including the charming kitchen that's on site. Most of the produce is produced or grown on site. The menu changes quite often (almost weekly) and the cuisine is varied. The kitchen offers about 3-4 dishes each week, and it's obvious they use seasonal produce. I'm not sure if the meat comes from the animals on the farm (there isn't a abattoir)... at least I hope it doesn't! It's hard to swallow the animal that you've just petted.

A happy pig - let's hope that's not where lunch came from!

For those wanting a snack, the kitchen has a range of home-baked treats to enjoy over a cup of tea or a home-made organic vanilla and rhubarb soda.

The food may not always be attractively presented, but believe me, the flavour is top notch.

Smoked mackerel and sweet potato salad w soy dressing. The succulent, chunky flakes of mackerel worked really well with the sweet potato. It had a delightful soya sauce dressing that's been reduced to a sticky drizzle. Topped with toasted sesame. Brilliant fusion of flavours.

Slow roasted lamb, beetroot salad with poppy seeds, pomegranate and roast potatoes. Melt-in-you-moth lamb. Fresh beetroot with poppy seeds and the pomegranate seeds gave a nice burst of flavour and texture. A very hearty dish.

Lamb kofte with couscous. I've never been keen on middle-Eastern cuisine, but this lamb kofte was the one of the tastiest thing I've had! Juicy and perfect texture - not chewy and dry like some koftes.

Maple syrup and walnut cake...need I say more?

Great food, relaxed environment where you can linger with your newspaper. This is the only place that I've come across in London that does world cuisine (including a small foray into fusion) really well. The food is hearty, honest and yummy.

The Farm is open everyday, while the Kitchen is open Tuesday to Sunday. Entrance is free. It's open for breakfast and lunch. It's a 2 minute walk from Crossharbour DLR station (a nice stop either before or after you visit Greenwich Market).

Mudchute Park & Farm
Pier Street
Isle of Dogs
London E14 3HP
020 7515 5901

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Chewy said...

Hey Bureaucrat. How is it that you're so skinny?

Bureaucrat said...

I either have superior genes or am a closet bulimic.

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