Monday, August 2, 2010

Seddon Deadly Sins, Seddon by Big Fil

For me one of the things I have enjoyed most since starting to blog about the places we have tried is exploring places discussed by other bloggers, places that I might otherwise have never heard of. Seddon Deadly Sins is in this category for me, as it is located on 'the other side of the river'. I'm glad I took the trouble to pay a visit, as it’s a very cute little café with some of the friendliest service around.

Rain meant I didn't check out the back courtyard, but I preferred the back room with its fireplace over the still comparatively nice front room. Visiting twice on consecutive bright and early Sunday mornings meant I had the room to myself. Weirdly, the photo I took of this empty room doesn't look like a photo at all to me, more like an old oil painting.

A number of the dishes are named after sins, and I decided to go for envy - green eggs and ham - although it could equally have been a tribute to Dr Suess. I don't always like eggs with pesto but on this occasion it worked well, with the flavour of the light and fluffy eggs still coming strongly through.

I didn't think the mixed berries on pancakes with ice-cream was as good, although that could have been a personal preference as much as anything. I like my pancakes a little thicker and slightly crispy on the outside, whereas these were quite thin and light.

Still a little hungry and not planning on having lunch after either visit, it was time to sample the selection of cakes under the front counter. Both the orange and almond meal cake and the macadamia and caramel cheesecake were presented very well, sitting in a little pool of decorated cream. I thought they were both of a similar quality, moist, slightly dense, but could have had a bit stronger taste of orange or macadamia/caramel. One where the presentation whetted my tastebuds but the dish didn't quite come through.

To me the best parts of Seddon Deadly Sins are the back room near the fire and the super friendly staff. That’s not to say the food isn't good, it is, but with the setting and the service being so good (admittedly when the café was only one third full) I felt weirdly let down. Its like I wanted it to have the best café food in Melbourne, and when it wasn't I was weirdly disappointed by food I would have been happy with in most other places. Still, this is a very good café I would be more than happy to return to.

Food - 7
Ambience - 8
Service - 8.5
Price - 7

148 Victoria Street
Seddon VIC 3011
Tel: (03) 9689 3092

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