Saturday, August 7, 2010

Greenwich Market, England by Bureaucrat

One of my (rare) favourite places in London is Greenwich. Not only it shares the same name of the street that I lived in as a child, but the atmosphere is very different to central London (despite being so close to London).

Similar to Brighton, I like Greenwich because it has a more relaxed feel and has that middle-class vibe that acknowledges that it likes being affluent but without the wank.

I try to come to Greenwich for lunch on the weekends as often as I can. For only 5 pounds (which is extremely good value by London standards) you can get a guaranteed top-notch food. You can tell the stall holders are proud of their food and culture.

In addition to the food stalls (only there on the weekends), there are an arts and craft stalls during the rest of the week.

Nigerian goat curry with jollof rice

Moorish orange and honey chicken with couscous

Brazilian steak sandwich

A must visit for any foodie. Less than a 1 minute walk from the Cutty Sark DLR Station. The Market is a 5 minute walk to the delightful Greenwich Park, where the Royal Observatory (the Greenwich meridian line runs through here) and the National Maritime Museum are located, which have free entry. You'd want to visit those places after you've stuffed yourself silly.

Greenwich Market
London SE10 9HZ


Anonymous said...

I am incrediably jealous. Greenwich is one of my favourite places in London too, and I missed the market when I was there.


Snooze said...

The same thing happened when I was there last year too ... lucky Bureaucrat for getting there and I'll make sure I do too the next time I'm lucky enough to visit.

Bureaucrat said...

The market may not be there for long... the other food retailers around the area are trying to get the council to reduce the number of food stalls. They argue that the food stalls are ruining their businesses!

These Brits are crazy!

FoOooOoD said...

Greenwich is a great place!! So is the market!

Love the Spanish Churro =)


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