Friday, August 20, 2010

A la Soupe, Luxembourg, by Bureaucrat

Alrighty - Luxembourg city. A quaint little city that's filled with community spirit.

A la Soupe is a cafe dedicated to soup. It's opened recently, and it's a funky cafe with delicious soups. Hot, cold, sweet,'s got everything! Everything was so fresh, and the menu changes weekly. This is a good and a bad thing. Good in that there's always new soups to try. Bad in that once you've found a favourite soup you have to wait until it's back on the menu (I really wanted to eat the spicy tomato and strawberry soups again).

I loved this place so much, I went there twice in three days. I would have gone the third day, but unfortunately it's closed on Sundays. These soups are filling and tasty, and everything is perfectly seasoned. The soups come with a big hunk of artisan bread.

The Lawyer ordered the cream-based emulsion soup. It was a herby soup filled with finely diced root vegetables. Also in the photo is the strawberry sweet soup, which was like ambrosia. Packed with ripe strawberries in a soupy syrup that has the merest hint of rose water. This wasn't just strawberries sitting in liquid - this was food for the gods! So simple, so tasty.

I ordered the spicy tomato soup. Despite containing lentils (which I regard with suspicion whenever it appears in my food), the soup was so rich in flavour. I'm guessing that it was made with ham hock or bacon and lots of tomatoes and vegetables.

Carrot and orange soup. Usually I don't like fruit in my savoury dishes. But this worked...carroty with just the right amount of citrus to liven things up but didn't make you think, "waiter, there's an orange in my soup".

Love it, love it, love it. If in Luxembourg, go get SOUP!

A la Soup is in the little street that's right off the main city square. Look for the big spoon.

9, rue L-1333 Luxembourg Chimay
Telephone: +352 2620 2047

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