Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cafe Francais, Luxembourg, by Bureaucrat

So far, it's difficult to eat the local cuisine when you travel through Europe. Even though I don't have much clue what the local cuisine is in Luxembourg, I couldn't see anything that looked Luxembourgish.

Ergo, when dinner time came, we were faced with the options of Mexican, McDonald's and French (and the soup place is closed for dinner...).

Cafe Francais' menu was your typical European stuff - grilled steak, pan fried chicken/pork/veal/fish w cream sauce, etc. Nothing exciting or enticing.

In an attempt to try and eat something local, I picked the grilled steak w white asparagus (it was asparagus season at the time). I haven't had white asparagus up until this point. I liked it - it's flavour is less intense that the green variety. The fillet steak was nothing to complain about, the veggies all looked and tasted like they had been sitting in a bain marie for a while.

The Lawyer had the grilled trout. Flavour was sweet, skin was crispy, veggies a bit soggy, but nothing really to complain about here too.

This was our most expensive meal there and it was an average experience. If you're loaded (Luxembourg is an expensive place), I suggest you go to a fancier place (perhaps a Michelin-starred restaurant). Otherwise, this is probably the best you're going to get without having to resort to Le Big Mac for dinner.

14, Place d’Armes, L-1136 Luxembourg
Telephone +352 47 45 34


Unknown said...

Luxembourg has plenty more to offer - just explore away from the tourist traps on the place d'Armes. For example, head down the hill to the Mousel's Cantine for truly great Luxembourg fare: (
But go with an appetite - the portions are huge.

Bureaucrat said...

that does look good! i have food envy now.

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