Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apple Wine Tavern Adolf Wagner, Frankfurt by Bureaucrat

Alrighty - our first trip over to the Continent was to Frankfurt. Why Frankfurt, you ask? Well, free accommodation, is the answer.

The reaction in Londoners is that there isn't much in Frankfurt. I beg to differ. Frankfurt is a small city, but it's full of mellowness. The people are friendly and the food is quite good (which I've subsequently realised that this is a rare thing in Europe). And it reminds me of Melbourne - they have street cafes, a river that runs through the city, trams and a building that is looks like a mini Diamaru (remember Diamaru? God, I miss the Paul Bocuse bakery!).

I was keen to try some German food, and we were advised to go to Apple Wine Tavern. It's a delightful pub in the city. Of course, I had to try the apple wine. But our fellow travellers told us that apple wine tastes like pee. But I was determined to try it. It tasted like beer without the bubbles. Our fellow travellers remarked (in a surprised manner) that this was the first time they've tasted apple wine that didn't taste like pee. Which begs the question, how do they know if something tastes like pee?

I ordered the schnitzel which came with pan-fried potatoes and a generous serving of Green Sauce. You can only see a blob of Green Sauce in the photo, but the dish was served with about 2 cups of the sauce. GS is a speciality of Frankfurt. It's essentially soured cream with green herbs, but it didn't really have much flavour. I'm usually not a fan of schnitzel (my experience before then was limited to the chewy, cardboardy versions you get in the likes of takeaway shops). But this schnitzel was moist and flavoursome. And, omg, the potatoes were as delicious as they look - I can just remember all the crispy little bits!

The Lawyer ordered sausage with sauerkraut. I can't remember what the name of the sausage was. Not a speck of fat in the sausage, but I'm pretty sure that that sausage contained all the calories you need to survive on for a week!

Our fellow traveller is a vegetarian. We're told that there aren't many options for vegetarians on Frankfurt, generally. And that vegetarian dishes are likely to contain meat. Our traveller ordered vegetable patties, which were huge. The verdict was that it was tasty and that it didn't contain hidden meat.

This is a friendly pub. The staff may be a bit standoffish if you don't speak German (luckily we had some German-speaking Brits with us). The servings are massive and you can definitely spend a few hours here soaking up the atmosphere.

I'd recommend this place if you want to try some German food. For the adventurous and those with a big appetite, you can order a whole pork knuckle or shoulder (it's HUGE). Quite alot of the locals were ordering it. The prices were also very reasonable - we had three mains and 3 drinks for just under 30 euros.

We're told by locals that if you want to eat here that you should arrive early. This place is pretty popular, and our fellow travellers (who currently live in Frankfurt) say that the pub gets so busy that they've ended up going elsewhere for dinner. The pub is located in the city and is easily accessible by foot or tram.

Apfelwein Wagner
Schweizer Stra├če 71
D-60594 Frankfurt/Main
Phone +49 (0)69/612565

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