Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Minor Place, Brunswick by Big Fil

At first glance A Minor Place isn't much too look at, particularly its outside milk crate seats with ironing board like tables. Step inside and it has the same functional sort of look but has suddenly become much more appealing, with warm brown tones and naturally well lit interior. Light and airy, I much prefer its minimalist approach rather than being overly fussy. Admittedly I was there early so not many had arrived by the time I finished but I found it a relaxed and comfortable place to spend 30-40 minutes over breakfast and newspaper.

The food is very good. The French Toast came with stewed rhubarb, pistachio ricotta and maple syrup, all served in little glass bowls on the side. The ricotta was creamy and subtly flavoured, the rhubarb wasn’t overly sweet and the maple syrup served on the side meant I could adjust the sweetness to my own preference.

I’d read good things about the White Beans but it looked a little underwhelming when they arrived on the table. However, after a couple of mouthfuls I understood why they’d been recommended. The still firm beans are nicely garlicky and the bread, which initially appeared over toasted, is perfectly firm for use in scooping them up.

Final dish was the corn fritters, with bacon and tomato relish. While the tomato relish I could take or leave, the bacon was beautifully cooked (slightly fatty in parts, crispy on the edges) and the corn fritters moist and flavoursome. Three dishes, three hits.

On the plus side were three good dishes, a very good hot chocolate and appealing interior with good music playing at background music levels. On the negative side the serves could have been a little more generous, and depending on which staff member served you service did occasionally come across as a little uninterested. Still, I will more than happily return if I’m in the area.

Food – 8
Ambience - 7.5
Service - 6.5
Prices – 7

103 Albion Street
Brunswick VIC 3056
Tel: (03) 9384 3131

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