Thursday, July 7, 2011

Roskilly's, England by Bureaucrat

Another favourite place that we discovered in Padstow was Roskilly's, the "famous Cornish ice cream", which is made from organic Jersey milk.

Roskilly's a little shop that's very popular among tourists and the locals. Initially I didn't plan on trying the ice cream, since the weather wasn't that warm - I was still rugged up in a coat and scarf, and wishing I had also brought my gloves. Although, I acknowledge that by English standards, we were experiencing 'warm' weather.

We tried most of the flavours on offer, including...

...ginger, and orange and mascarpone. There was a warmth to the ginger ice cream. I would have preferred a stronger ginger taste, because I quite like that zingy flavour. The orange and mascarpone was one of my favourites. The fresh orange taste went well with the deep creamy flavour from the mascarpone.

...hokey pokey, and toffee and hazelnut. I can't remember what the hokey pokey tasted like. But the toffee and hazelnut was nice, and had little pieces of hazelnuts which gave some texture.

...wild cherry, malt, and apple crumble. These were our favourite flavours. The wild cherry tasted like actual cherries, and not that fake, artificial medicine flavour. The apple crumble had a nice appley flavour and had little bits of crumble. The malt flavour was malty. But similar to the ginger flavour, I would have preferred a stronger flavour.

Delicious, creamy ice cream. The flavours were tasted genuine (ie not made from artificial flavours). Definitely try this regardless how cold the weather might be!



Akika (Ichigo Shortcake) said...

The shop looks really low, looks like you'll bump your head on entering. :D The ice cream flavours are interesting though, I wouldn't mind trying wild cherry and apple crumble!

Bureaucrat said...

Yup, low ceilings and quite small and dark inside. I think that's because that's how buildings were made in the olden days. But the main thing is that they sold yummy ice cream =)

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