Friday, July 22, 2011

My Restaurant & Takeaway, Windsor by Big Fil

It is what it is, and for what it is, it is pretty good. So what is it?

What it is is a bare bones no-frills restaurant providing mamak style meals of the sort typically available in Malaysia and Singapore. The menu revolves around variations on a few dishes - roti, dosa, curry, rice and noodles - with the emphasis on being tasty, filling and very affordable.

Even for an early mid-week dinner there was a constant stream of what appeared to be repeat customers. The most popular dish is the curry meals; 2 meat and one vegetable curry served with either roti or rice. My choice, the goat korma, chicken marsala and dhal paneer with roti. The curries were a touch above the general suburban restaurant standard with the stand out the tender, creamy goat curry. What made the dish for me though was the generous serve of fresh roti made just behind the counter as you wait. You can even watch the cook throw it around as part of the preparation process, making it entertaining as well as sustaining.

The marsala dosa is one of the better I have tried in Melbourne. Dosas are thin, crispy crepes made from rice and lentils, with the marsala dosa including lightly spiced potato filling. Served with a couple of sauces for dipping, it looks huge when it hits the table but turns out to be comparatively light so you don't end up feeling overfull.

The samosas were also good, light rather than dense with moist, lightly spiced meet inside.

Pick of the food though was the tisu roti, a very thin, crispy roti over which has been poured a sweetened mix of butter and condensed milk. Towering over the plate it is sticky and crunchy, bad for you but it tastes oh so good. More a dessert than a main, it's not that common around Melbourne and worth searching out.

Within its limitations My Restaurant is very good. It's never going to win any fine dining awards, particularly for its fit out or service, but then it doesn't pretend to be that sort of restaurant. It's comfortable, service is helpful if you aren't familiar with the style of food and it's clean and well lit. Combine this with good, comfort style food and low prices and it's the sort of place that can be a regular haunt.

Food - 7.5
Service - 6.5
Ambience - 6.5
Price - 8

186 High Street
Windsor VIC 3181
Tel: (03) 9521 4100

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Anonymous said...

We LOVE this restaurant. We've eaten in and taken away around 5 or 6 times in total. We've taken interstate visitors there, and even though I think they were a bit dubious when they saw the decor, they flipped a full 180 once they'd eaten. So cheap, so delicious, I could eat here every week!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its a great local Indian style place. Cheap, cheerful and pretty good food.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, we love this place. Always go for roties and tea but fish curry is so good that you will even lick the plate.

Anonymous said...

We went there last night and really enjoyed it. I had the roti meal with the chicken madras, goat korma and chick peas and all were tasty - the roti was nice too. We shared for desserts the roti tissue and roti bom. The roti bom was a soft roti rolled up in a circle - drenched in a sweet sauce - both were very nice - will be going back!!!

iron man

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation, we have just ordered and now waiting for food via a delivery hero docket - great value - pay $5 for $20 worth of food - we are looking forward to our delivery and have ordered based on your recommendations!

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