Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Gun, England by Bureaucrat

Bang! Bang! After several recommendations by a few people that I had to try The Gun, we finally tried it.

Going to The Gun wasn't high on my priority list, as colleagues had told me that it was a gastropub. These were the same colleagues that told me that The Old Brewery in Greenwich was a gastropud, and I was not impressed with the food there.

However, when Ms C, who's a chef, told me that the food there was delicious, I decided to move The Gun up my list.

Located off the main road and relatively away from the main part of Canary Wharf, The Gun is an upmarket pub that caters to business lunches and a swankier place to get a drink. on the day we went, we were pretty much the youngest people there - most of the other diners and drinkers were in the 40+ age group.

Inside, it's smartly decorated with dark wood, crisp white tablecloths and liveried staff. In keeping with the history of the area, there were naval trinkets and knick knacks.

We decided to skip the starters, and went straight to the mains. The Lawyer got the 12-hour slow cooked lamb with greens and dauphinoise potatoes. The lamb was shaped into a round, and the meat was incredibly tender and flavoursome. We especially liked the very crispy top, which had been pan fried. It was like eating a peking duck - crispy skin and the melt-in-your-mouth meat.

The dauphinoise pototoes was too decadent for us. We had a little bit, and as nice as it was (the cream, butter and pototoes, which were cooked in stock), we couldn't finish it. I loved how it came in a small cast-iron gratin dish.

I ordered the duck breast w duck pie and kidney sauce. Like the lamb, the duck breast was incredibly tender and flavoursome. A nice thin layer of fatty skin, which helped keep the breast moist. It was quite a large breast. Visually, the duck pie was quite fun. It had squidgy peaks of mashed potatoes which had a appetising burnished gold colour. Underneath it was shredded duck meat with finely diced veg.

A proper gastropub, with a French-influenced cooking style. You couldn't fault the quality, and it was a very rich and sublime meal. There was a varied menu, including several specials of the day. On the day we went, there were gulls' eggs (which are apparently only available for about two weeks in the year) served with white asparagus. Definitely a place to go if you want to eat something that's not the usual fish and chips, pie and mash, etc.

The Gun
15 Coldharbour
Docklands E14 9
Telephone: (020) 7515 5222

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