Thursday, July 21, 2011

Byron, England by Bureaucrat

Since coming to London, I've really missed the burger chain Grill'd. I love their yummy burgers, and especially love the fact that they have gluten free buns.

There are a few burger chains here in London. Thery're alright, but nowhere as nice as Grill'd. But if I had to pick one, I'd say that Byron does make some nice burgers, albeit without gluten free buns.

The restuarants are done up like American diners. There are about seven burgers to choose from.

On one occassion, the Lawyer ordered the Classic burger. A grilled beef patty with lots of fresh salad (lettuce, tomato, red onion), and mayo. Each burger is served with a pickle. The pickle wasn't too sour or too sweet and had a nice crunchy texture.

I got the Skinny burger, which is the Classic burger without the bun but with extra salad. The beef patty is quite tasty with the grilled flavour and the seasoning they put in it. A pleasing thickness and very juicy. The salad was a decent size and very fresh and had a drizzle of olive oil.

We also got some sides to share...

...seasoned onion rings. Very big rings of onion. Lovely light batter and crunchy. Very morish, but a bit oily. We also got courgette fries. I liked these the most. The courgette were dusted with polenta, which gave it a nice crunchy and textured finish.

All the burgers are less than 10 pounds, but they are slightly on the small side. So with the rather pricey sides and drinks, the meal is a bit more expensive than I would have guessed. The sides were a bit oily but, boy, they did taste good!

I've been to Byron a few times. I would say that the quality is better than the other burger chains (eg GBK and Ultimate Burger). A nice place for a good burger.

2nd Floor, Cabot Place East
Canary Wharf E14 4QT
Telephone: 0207 715 936

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