Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bianco 43, England by Bureaucrat

For those of us living in the south-east London, we were all rather excited when a new pizzeria opened in Greenwich.

A few weeks after it was opened, a group of us went to try Bianco 43 for dinner.

True to its name, the interior was decorated in high gloss white and wooden furniture - sleek but it had a nice comfortable feel to it. On the ground floor, you could see the wood fire brick oven and the pizzas being made. Set over two floors, we decided to sit upstairs.

Ms G went for the Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina, which was gnocchi oven baked with tomato, mozzerella, parmigiano and fresh basil. Ms G loved the dish and said it was very filling.

Ms X went for the capricciosa, which had artichokes, cooked ham, sausage, olives and mozzerella. It looked really yummy, and was a very big size.

Ms Y got the lasagne, which she liked. I thought it was quite an impressive height for a lasagne.

I got the Bianca Crudo, a calzone filled with lots of gooey mozzerella and cotto ham. I thought this was a pizza, but it came served as a calzone. It may sound like a simple dish, but, boy, was it tasty! I especially loved the fresh, doughy pizza dough, that had a nice charred flavour from the pizza oven. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't finish the calzone - there was just too much of it! Rather reluctantly I had to admit defeat.

Although we were quite full, Ms G, Ms Y and I ordered the canolli for dessert. I'm quite fond of canolli, while Ms G and Ms Y were keen to try it for the first time.

I was expecting small canolli shells, but this came as a big canolli shell, filled with vanilla ricotta cheese, and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Although taste-wise it was spot-on, the size of the canolli made it a bit difficult to eat given the size of it.

A great place for great Italian food at a reasonable price. All the dishes were quite big serving size. I loved how the plates all had these beautiful and colourful designs. The service was also pretty good - you definitely get sense of eating an Italian's family home but in a cafe setting.

Bianco 43
43 Greenwich Church Street
SE10 9BL
Telephone: 020 885 826 68

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