Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Old Ship Hotel, England by Bureaucrat

Despite being advised to make a booking for our dinner, we thought we could just turn up at one of the many restaurants in Padstow. However, we soon realised that for a little town almost all the restaurants had a 'fully booked' sign up on their doors.

So after being turned away from a few restaurants, we ended up at the Old Ship Hotel, which is a local pub.

The OSH was quite popular. Lots of people and quite a lot of families with their children having their dinners with their dogs sitting under the tables.

For mains I got the fish stew. A tomato-based stew with a medley of fish. I think it was trying to be a bouillabaisse, but it was lacking the depth of a properly made one. Nonetheless, there was a lot of fish and shellfish, and a couple of prawns and crabmeat.

The Lawyer got a sort of seafood platter. While it's nowhere like the one we had at the Seafood Restaurant, it still had a fairly good amount of seafood. The seafood was cooked plainly and was served hot.

It was a reasonable meal. Rick Stein has set a very high bar for the other restaurants, so it would be (a bit) unfair to compare the OSH with one of Mr Stein's restaurants. But it was a nice casual place to soak up the local atmosphere.

The Old Ship Hotel
Mill Square
PL28 8AE
Telephone: 01841 532 357

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