Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pod Espresso, Brighton by Snooze

Most weeks after Big Fil and I have finished breakfast we take a little wander around the area to see what else is around, and that’s how we found Pod Espresso. I’ve often waxed lyrical about how much I enjoy a breakfast at a nice cafe, but I’m finding I enjoy a hole in the wall type eatery that focuses on breakfast even more … and in combining the two Pod Espresso didn’t let me down.

I went for the toast with avocado, Persian feta and chopped spinach drizzled with olive oil. There were a couple of minor issues. As sometimes seems to be the case, I almost needed something heavier duty than standard cutlery to cut through the crust, the mashed avocado was a little too runny and the spinach was cut a little too large making the dish look more rugged than I would have liked. Otherwise, the flavours melded together well, the feta was divine and the dish had the right amount of olive oil. All in all, though, the avocado and spinach were aesthetic issues rather than difficulties, and this was a dish I'd be happy to have again.

Big Fil went for the berry pancakes, and I was very happy to have the chance to try this because it was lovely. Not one of your dainty looking serves ... this was two nicely sized pancakes stuffed full off berry compote. Not too sweet in my book and very moreish as well. And different to many of the pancakes being offered these days, more like crepes.

I can’t say enough that Big Fil’s difficult to fill up so a chocolate chip muffin was ordered. My limit per meal is far less than Big Fil’s and I only managed a mouthful, but it was fresh and delicate, with the texture suggesting it hadn’t been hanging around overnight. PS Phil also enjoyed it.

There wasn't much room inside with Fil having to move the table to squeeze his legs in although there is more (and roomier) seating outside. I liked it's small but eclectic menu with a number of things I’d like to go back to try. Maedaya sits next to the Sandringham train line so it's well situated for takeaway in the morning on the way to work but could be intrusive as the train passes by … we were lucky enough to visit when the train line was shut down for the weekend for maintenance so that's a treat for another time. I was also impressed with the waitress who remembered we’d passed the restaurant the week before and I’d mentioned I’d be back the following weekend.

Food – 7
Service – 7.5
Ambience – 6.5
Price - 7

305 Bay Street
Brighton VIC 3186
Tel: 0433 578 149

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