Friday, December 31, 2010

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, England by Bureaucrat

I do miss having a good burger... especially like the ones at Grill'd with its gluten-free buns.

There's a few burger chains in this grey country, but none quite the same as Grill'd. However, GBK, a Kiwi chain, comes the closest. They don't offer gluten-free buns, but at least they have a wider selection of burgers.

For lunch one day, I ordered the chicken burger with the homemade babaganoush. Decent size, the breast fillet was tender and the babaganoush was smokily yummy. A side serving of chips was on the small side for the price.

The Lawyer had the buffalo burger. The feedback was that it just tasted like beef but a little gamey.

Lunch was washed down with a glass of South African cider.

Pretty good range of burgers, even for the veggie-inclined diners. Good sized burger. Would come back, no complaints!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf E145NY
Telephone: 0207 719 6408

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Mzungu said...

The last time I tried a GBK burger it was a pretty bad one and a major decline in the burgers from when I first tried them ....

FoOooOoD said...

Hey =p

I love this!! Been to GBK at Brunswick near Russell Square Station.

Tried the blue cheese beef burger, medium rare. I was impressed as it's really medium rare, but not over-cooked as it always worries me when I order "medium rare".


p/s: Love your blog name - DIE(T) =p

Bureaucrat said...

hi Ashley, glad you like our blog! =)

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